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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whew!!! What A Summer!

This summer has been quite the busy summer this year. It has gone by so quickly, I can't believe the school aged kids are already back in school today. My little guy has been going to his day care all summer long, but for me...summer ends when the traffic once again increases and you see more yellow and black school buses on the road (and if you're unlucky enough to get stuck behind one of them).

Here's what we did this summer:

  • Family vacation to Williamsburg (for free yay!)
  • Zaichik rode his first all by himself ride in Busch Gardens
  • Countless game nights
  • My parents celebrated their 40th wedding sis and I threw a party for them.
  • Several fun birthday parties for some very special three year olds
  • Gave Zaichik a fun kid birthday party at the Loudoun Sports Bounce.
  • Visited the Zoo
  • Finally got to take Zaichik to Great Country Farm (and had a great time)
  • Attended a wedding/reception for a good high school friend
  • Went to Massanutten Resort Park and had a blast at their indoor water park
  • Zaichik saw his first live show...Curious George Live
  • Went to a Family Reunion
  • Lots of fun trips to Frying Pan Park
  • Went to Clemyjontri Park a few times
  • Took the family to the church camp out...we didn't camp but Zaichik had his first snow cone!
  • Saw a double feature at a drive in
  • Zaichik saw his first magic show
  • Hubby built an entertainment area in the basement
  • Hubby also rearranged the house/organized it...again ; )
  • Zaichik got a big boy bed
  • Making huge strides on potty training Zaichik
  • And some other exciting news around the corner...
Some not so fun things:
  • Got a huge bill we weren't expecting (but thankfully resolved it)
  • Found out I'm losing my job
  • Had more sickies then I cared for this summer : P

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