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Sunday, September 12, 2010


"If someone wants to be a part of your life they'll make an effort to be in it so don't bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn't make an effort to stay... "

Yesterday while using some downtime to search around for things on the internet, I came across the quote above. I wasn't looking for quotes at all and although I have heard it before it struck a chord with me to actually meaning more then just thinking about silly boyfriends of the past when I was young and my heart knew nothing of love. Today, it was a reflection of what I want in my life in regards to my own relationships with people.

My son is my number one concern. Sure I care about what my husband does, feel, thinks and says, but I am my little boys world. Everything he does do (minus his own free will obviously) is calculated by me. I picked the school he goes to, the clothes he wears, how to discipline him, what stories and toys to buy for him to play with, etc., etc. etc., etc., So obviously when he needs Mommy, my brain and heart go into tunnel vision mode for him. It's a Mommy thing that most loving Mothers just go through. Sure there are days when I am tired (as are most Moms), but my mind never shuts off thinking about him even when I am not with him. He is in fact my little heart with legs.

However there are always other people in your life like friends and family that play a role somewhere in between being a Mommy and being myself. I've gotten closer to some members of my family which I am very grateful for and other extended family that I have reached out to meet me for dinner or hang out somewhere and they just haven't found the time. The same thing goes with friends. I've reached out to a few and some have reciprocated wonderfully with asking me to meet up just because we enjoy each others company. The relationships I have with these people aren't difficult, there is always time to squeeze in somewhere and we truly enjoy each others company.

For me its all about making the time and the effort and it is a two way street for all relationships. If someone wants to be in your life then they will make an effort. If you're the one that keeps on trying with no return, then it is just better off letting some people slip quietly away because you obviously don't mean that much to them. I am a very busy person that has a lot of things on my plate and I am constantly juggling them. However, I always have the time to spend with the people I care about. It may not be today or this week, but I will certainly put forth the effort.

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Erin said...

That is a really interesting quote. In light of Facebook, etc, it is easy to seem like we are part of everyone's life. But, it really comes down to the people who know about and care about the ins and outs of your daily life, the issues you face, and the joys you celebrate. Not just the big announcements made online.

I am definitely grateful to have such a fantastic core group of friends (with you!); even if we cannot all hang out as frequently as we wish or we go a week or so without e-mailing, the support and love and friendship is there. Having such an amazing group of friends is a true blessing!