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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday my son and I were watching a show on Discovery. I think it
was Meet the Jones's of something of that nature. All I can say is the
show was about a family surviving with five babies and an older
sister. During the show, my son noticed that two of the babies were
wearing helmets. Surprisingly my son pointed at the kids and said
"eww" Mama". I was shocked! I don't think he thought the problem they
had was gross, but more confused of what or why could they possibly
have on their heads. This mean LESSON TIME.

Me: What the babies had on their heads are not "eww". They have special hats to help shape their heads. People have all sorts of different things that make them who they are and that isn't "eww". God made us all different to make us all unique and special.

Zaichik: No ewwww???

Me: Your hair color is brown and some of your friends is red. Is your
hair eww because it is brown?

Zaichik: Nooooooo.

Me: Lots of people have brown hair, but not all. It is apart of you that makes up what you look like. Those babies have special hats and that is just what they will look like for a while.

Zaichik: Okay Mama. HI BABIES!!!

Hopefully I got the point across. I was trying to pin point the issue at hand to make it as understandable as I could for a three year old. I think the conversation worked. Usually if he's adamant something is this or that he will repeat it a few times and this time he was fine with it. Lesson learned....hopefully.

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