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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Always, Sometimes, Never

I Always
Kiss and tell my son and husband I love them every day.
Drink Diet something or other (my one source of caffeine).
Try to plan everything, especially for the future.
Do the best I can for my son.
Cheer for the CAPS.
Hum or sing in the shower.
Try to find a great deal.
Get personal satisfaction when I get something for my son rather its
clothes or a silly Pez dispenser. It makes me really happy.

I Sometimes
Let my emotions get the best of me.
Have lack the patience I need.
Cry because of what was on commercials, television shows, etc.,
Forget to shave my legs. Okay...a lot because I'm always so tired.
Wish I could move to another country and/or state temporarily.

I Never
Have eaten a pickle (the smell stops me).
Shop for a car or anything electronic (I loathe it).
Salt and pepper my food.
Eat sushi (yuck).
Wear orange.
Make our bed...ever. Hubby makes it from time to time.
Wear shorts or skirts.
Drink wine or beer.
Caught up on house chores.

What's on YOUR always, sometimes, & never list?

1 comment:

Amy said...

Never wear orange? Is this now or in the past miss orange pants? And regards to shorts - for one summer I didn't wear them for self conscious reasons and then I looked around and saw women of all body types wearing shorts and thought why not? I certainly have huge insecurities about my appearance, but in some ways the older I get the more comfortable with myself I get. So wear the shorts! AND I have also discovered that sometimes especially in the summer skirts and more comfortable and cool. Forget how you think your legs look!