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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Open Letter to All Moms Out There

Dear Moms,

Before I had a child, I thought I knew mostly everything there was to know about kids. I can all hear you chuckling and shaking your heads thinking that I actually thought I knew what I was getting into when I was pregnant. Man, was I so wrong on so many levels! I wanted to write an apology letter (to myself included) about how clueless I actually really was.

I am sorry for the fact when I saw you toting kids with a messy hair do, no makeup and sweat clothes that I thought you could of tried harder to present yourself out in public. What I should of noticed is that your clothes were clean and it didn't consist of spit up, smushed snack and/or boogers that don't belong to you.

I am sorry that I thought I had true sympathy for you when I saw your child having a temper tantrum on the floor of the super marker. I knew that kids had temper tantrums and those were annoying for any parent, but never got how much patience it takes for a parent to endure those embarrassing moments, trying to get necessary shopping done and also getting glared at by strangers like they are the worst parent in the world.

I am sorry that I grew impatient when I wanted your parking spot and it seemed like it took forever for you to get going. Needless you say you were dealing with your own war of buckling up kid(s), getting necessary binkies and lovies, and trying to load everything you had just bought in your car hoping you don't forget it in the cart in the parking lot (I have seen this happen) or that is actually makes it home in one piece.

I am sorry that I speed through the neighborhood when your children were outside playing. I know now that at a split second a three year old can run out into the road, which thankfully I think I nipped that one in the bud (knock on wood).

I am sorry that I got jealous of when parents could call in sick to work because their child was sick and I thought they were getting a care free day to themselves. I didn't realize that you were probably trying to fit your kid in to see the doctor that day, probably stayed up most of the night before with them and were going to have to deal with a cranky lunatic all day.

I am sorry that I didn't truly understand how hard a working parent has it. I know stay at home Moms have it rough but in my circumstance I can not relate just yet. However, I know now that juggling child(ren), work, home, spouse and any other relationships is not an easy task. I also know that as a working Mom, there is guilt (at least for me) to have to work.

I am sorry that I didn't understand why your car and/or your house was messy. Sure I knew kids made a mess, but I had NO idea. Plus you have to ask yourself, do you go wash the dishes or play outside with your kids for a while? 9 out of 10 times, I play outside with my son. He'll only want his Mom with him for a little while.

So thus far is my open letter to all of you Mommies. I am sure there could easily be a part two, but for now, this is the apology I would of wrote had I known.

God bless!

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