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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Joy Of Townhomes

Living in a townhouse certainly has its perks and its absolute downfalls. I absolutely love the spacious interior of my townhouse as well as the floor plan. When searching for houses, it was the only floor plan that was for me "liveable". Other townhouses lacked a dining area to eat in and a lot of them could not fit the furniture we had in our apartment. I was really happy when we came across the current home we are now living in. It had mostly everything a first time homeowner could want and then some.

What I have found about not liking townhouses is in my particular community, there are no assigned parking. Some people are rude and will leave their cars in front of your house for days/weeks at a time or hog the lack of guest parking. These are the neighbors with garages/driveways while my row lacks either. I admit, I have written my share of friendly but point blanks notes giving my ill-mannered neighbors my disgust, which all of them have thankfully taken my advice. There is also a lack of back yard, which I find annoying since my son LOVES to play outside. I kind of dreamed of planting a small garden or just having a fenced in space so he can do as he pleases, but thats not going to happen right now. However, I am thankful that our place backs up to a common area, so he can ride his power wheels, play ball, or pick little dandelions.

What I do like about my street and row specifically is that all my neighbors kind of look out for each other on some level or another. I have told multiple neighbors that they left their lights on in their cars, borrowed sugar or an ingredient if I so happened to run out (same goes when they have run out) and I even found a lost child at one point. This week I have found another joy about living in a townhouse...LOTS OF KIDS.

For some people having an abundance of children might be annoying, but I love hearing the sound of children playing and laughing. I really can't think of a more happy noise in the world. For the past several days as soon as we get home from school, my son wants to do nothing more but get out of the car and run to see his little friends who are playing outside on our row and also happen to be the same age. For hours the kids play and share their different toys. There are some tears (hey they are only three) and there are some arguments, but it is all quickly forgotten five minutes later. I love that my son can play for hours outside with his friends, wear himself out and come home smiling ear to ear smudged with a peck of dirt. I can also take a moment to socialize with the other Moms or Dads as well. Thankfully we all seem to be on the same dinner schedule so no one is upset that they need to go in while the other kids are playing, which hasn't been a problem since my son has told me multiple times that he is all done with being outside because he is simply worn out.

So while I say there are some negative things living in a townhouse, it mostly is only crappy annoyances for the parents. For my son, it has a lot of perks with having playmates so close by to pal around with. I love more then anything to see the joy on my sons face and if there are a few annoyances for me...I'll gladly take it just to see him smile.

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