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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cleaning Products, why Green Works Works

Ever since I was pregnant, I really started hating the smell of cleaning products. I was glad that the bathrooms, kitchen or whatever was clean, but it always left me with headache and always felt like I needed a shower to get rid of the smell on me afterward. Having a very busy toddler now, I wanted something safe for him and something that I didn't have to take a shower afterward for. My time is limited you know.

I came across this product one day while shopping at Walmart. It basically was the only all purpose cleaner I could find at the moment and decided to try it. After bringing it home, I shortly had a to clean up a spill of milk. I took it out thinking "here goes the headache of chemicals" and was pleasantly surprised that Green Works had hardly any smell it at all and it did the job.

I for one will be purchasing more products from this line. It has saved me shower time, worry over my toddler being near chemical smell and it cleans really well. I encourage anyone to use this brand who feels the same way about cleaning products, especially Moms with little ones at home.

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