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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Child Art/Crafts

I feel one of my great perks on having my son attend day care is all the cute little crafts that I get to bring home and show off on my refrigerator art wall. I have had beautiful scribbles on printed out apples, hand printed flowers and other holiday related crafts. All of them I cherish and perhaps its a first time Mom thing, but I think they are beautiful and true treasures.

I usually get a new piece of art once a week. I look forward to peeking in my child's folder to see what new thing I can add to the art area of the kitchen. However, yesterday I was not so thrilled with the outcome of my son's latest piece of art. It wasn't anything horrific or dirty, it just was not age appropriate and it was sort of gaudy (above the normal standard). The craft was a detailed picture of a human heart with labels of vena cava, aorta, left atrium, etc., Great biology project right? It would be if my son was 12 or 13, but he is not even two yet. Complete with this art picture were pieces of multi colored yarn glued all over it. So it basically resembled a shag rug with a human heart underlying it. It made no sense.

It isn't that I am not trying to educate my son. Obviously I want him to know his biology as well as a mess of other things. However, we are just trying to get him to know the areas outside of his body like where his butt is. The knowledge of the human heart at this age? Sort of ridiculous if you ask me and how yarn helps the craft is beyond me. Now if they had a bear or a dog with yarn on him and what a dog or bear "says" then that would be a very cute craft.

So as much as it pained me because I once said "I'm keeping everything", my husband and I both decided together that this would be one that we would not keep. In the trash it went. Bye bye weird heart and weird craft.

Have any of you got some weird crafts from day care or school that you thought were a little absurd or inappropriate in regards to your child's age?

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