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Monday, March 30, 2009


In every household no matter if you're young, middle aged or old, we all have something in common, finances. Finances play a key role in our lives rather we buy a house, retire, buy a car, etc., Its an annoying and exhausting thing to think about but it plays into our every day lives. Headache as it may be, we all have to face it.

During this bad economic time, there are a lot of cut backs. Cut backs on eating out, going on lavish vacation, etc., My husband and I talked about how there was a record number of births in 2007 the other day. I believe that year holds the record for the most births in U.S. history. Then we thought that perhaps 2009 and 2010 will statistically show huge birth decreases.

I don't have any key suggestions you haven't heard about in what to do with your finances. I just say, pay down debt, save and watch where you spend. For me I spend a lot of money eating out. My plan to save money is stop the excess, eat out less and pay down a loan at a time by paying double the monthly loan amount and also put in the money I owe. In eight months time, I should be able to pay off a loan. Check with me in November. I hope to give you a good debt reduction report!

What is your financial tips? Goals?

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