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Friday, March 20, 2009

Wish List

One great thing about technology is the convenience of it all. You can share pictures, stories, updates with just a click of a mouse. I have also found a new thing that I like to use, which is the Amazon wish list.

By going to the website, you can log on and make a wish list with basically for anything such as birthdays, Christmas, etc., Its also my way of keeping an idea list for later down the road just in case some of those purchases were not fulfilled or you have an idea for a present a few months before and event. I will personally forget about a totally great idea but if I just save it to my wish list then its so much easier to go back to and say "oh yeah". I also love that you can just email the link to any of your friends or family.

So check it out. To me its worth it. I don't always buy everything from because there are often better deals to be had for the same item. Doesn't hurt to use the website for a good purpose though!

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