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Friday, March 6, 2009

Easter Basket Ideas

Well Easter isn't for another month or so, but the planner in me started thinking about what I should put in my little guy's Easter Basket this year. Last year he received a little toy or book, but mostly it was items such as bibs that he really needed. This year it is a little different. He is a bit more aware. So I got my thinking cap on and this is what I thought of.

1. Peek a Blocks

My little guy has this toy, but it really is a great toy to have from when your babies are little all the way up to past toddler hood. I love the Alpha blocks as it has a image dedicated to each letter letter. Plus some of them rattle, move and rotate. Very cool and very worth it. I purchased my Alpha Peek a Boo blocks at Target, but they do not list it on their website.

2.No Spill Bubble Bucket

I have yet to try this one out, but it really is appealing to me with a little guy that wants to do try and take the bubble container away from me. This way I won't have bubbles all over me or him. Not sure how helpful this no spill bubbles thing is, but if its less then I am all for it. I provided the link in which you will have to add it to your wish list to find it where it is sold near you. For me, it was sold at the Target in my area.

3. Chocolate Bunny

This is pretty self explanatory. What Easter basket would be complete without one of these guys? For little ones (and possibly big ones if your kid was like me when they were little), strip them down before you let them get into the chocolate.

4. Bath Toys

This is usually a fun and inexpensive purchase to make. I gave a link of ideas such as crayons for the tub, rubber duckies, those sponge stick on things to the wall (they come off), etc.,

5. Bunny Ears
Bunny ears are fun for a huge range of age groups. My son loved messing with his last year and he was just a little baby.

6.Coloring Books (Religious and Non Religious)
This is a cheap but very fun gift for the kids. Plus after a while you can throw it out once the pages are all colored in. I also love to "help" my son color as well. I love coloring!

7. Mr. Potato Head Bunny
Who doesn't love Mr. Potato Head? I love putting pieces in and out of the different slots as a kid. Now you can have a Easter Bunny version. I think he is pretty cool.

8. Videos (Religious and Non Religious)

I love videos you can use year after year to help celebrate holidays. I am really interested in this Veggie Tales Easter Carol this year. I will let you know!

9. Easter Finger Puppets

This toy is a hit or miss. Some kids love them (I can name one off the top of my head) and other kids are not so interested in them.

10.Stuffed Animals
As a kid I remember getting these and I loved them. I would carry my little stuffed animal with me to church and proudly hold him (for some reason they were always hims) until I would fall asleep on the way home.

11. Easter Books

Books (at least in my house) are always a huge hit. I really enjoyed the Alpha Bug Book by David A. Carter that I bought a while back. I was really pleased to see that he made a spring time book as well.

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