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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Potty Seat or Potty Chair?

I am by no means an expert in this potty training area what so ever. I am starting to see just a glimpse of the potty training stage. My son has taken quite and interest to the potty, so I am all for having him try it out. He has yet to really go in it yet, but there is no pressure (obviously), he will get there when get gets there.

Back up a month or so, while I was shopping online for some toddler items, I was trying to figure out rather I should buy a potty seat or a potty chair? For those that are not sure what I am talking about a potty chair is a seat unattached from a regular toilet that the child goes in and later you empty it out. If you ever watch Jon and Katie Plus 8, what the kids used were potty chairs. Potty seats however, are little seats that fit on top of a regular toilet seat. I contemplated what to buy for oh a minute and thought to myself, "I really would rather not have to clean out pee and poop from a potty chair into a regular toilet". It would also have to be sanitized and honestly I have trouble cleaning my own toilets. Plus there is that thought that perhaps I'd have to train my kid once he is potty trained to use the regular toilet. Perhaps that may not be even a thing I have to do and perhaps it may. I have heard of parents talking about how their kids are afraid of the big toilet. So I am hoping by just purchasing the seat then we can skip that possible fear out all together and the extra mess that I really just would rather do without.

So while my son has yet to go on a regular toilet using his little potty seat, I also wondered to myself on how easy is it when kids are being potty trained for them to use public toilets? I honestly never bring my son into a public bathroom as usually he is in a stroller or someone is watching him (husband, friend or Mom) outside the restroom. I certainly did not want to introduce the potty chair to him in public because I really did not want him to use the potty in a parking lot somewhere and I wasn't lugging inside of places. So what do you do? I thought about getting a travel potty seat, but I am wondering if thats going over the top or does it make sense? Would it be easier or just another one of those dumb purchases you make because you just don't know, like my purchase of the stupid wipe warmer that I never used.

So I am asking you, what do you think? What have you learned in your potty training experience? Do you think the travel seat that you can use in public restrooms or other peoples houses is a dumb thing to buy? I am interested in your thoughts. Obviously, we aren't there yet, but I am researching away although experience in this is even more valued.

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