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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I swore I wouldn't be a mini van Mom, but I am

If you asked me five years ago if I would ever own a mini van, I would probably look at you like you lost your mind. In my mind mini van Moms were those that had multiple children, were much older and it was probably other then a Griswolds station wagon the most uncool car ever.

Five years ago I bought my first car after landing my first full time job. I had purchased probably the most ridiculously useless car, which was a brand new Chrysler Crossfire. I was young what can I say? The two seater sports car was beautiful with its black exterior and with red leather interior. It was a man's mid life crisis dream. What it didn't have was a decent cup holder or room for a person of average height (I am very short) to drive in. It also lacked a reasonable size trunk. The trunk was so small that the Chrysler factory sent me specialized luggage just so it could fit in the trunk. However, I was in love with the car, after all it was my first.

Once I became pregnant, the car obviously had to go. I am sure I could of kept it and put my kid up front with me, but where would my husband go? I also didn't think that was very safe at all, so that was not acceptable. Also there was no stroller in the world that would of been able to fit in my trunk let alone all the other stuff a new Mom has to cart around for her new precious bundle.

So in came a four door Lincoln. I believe that every Mom should have a good working car, but it was soon having transmission problems. My husband doesn't really believe me on that, but I felt it slipping. I needed a reliable car. I didn't hate the car or anything. It really was a good car while it lasted, but I didn't really become too attached to it. I honestly was still mourning the loss of my ridiculous two seater sports car. As silly as the sports car was, I missed it. It was something that was all mine. So while pondering on what to get while I was outside one day, I noticed my neighbor with her kid, who was my kids age, getting out of her car and then clicking the remote to shut the door behind her. That is when the light bulb went off in my head and every negative thought I had about mini vans left my mind. I needed a mini van. I wanted remote control doors and since the Peugeot 1007 (a sedan with sliding doors) does not exist in the states, a mini van would be what it takes to get that.

I had a list (somewhat of a spoiled list) that I told my car loving husband on what I wanted in our next purchase. I wanted remote control sliding doors (that was a must), navigation, either black or white color and if possible a DVD player. Heck I was going for a mini van, so why not have the DVD player as well? My husband loves hunting for these types of things and is really great at wheeling and dealing. I on the other hand loathe the whole car buying process from the research to dealing with car dealers, so one day he brought home my car and I was in love. It was a beautiful black Honda Odyssey with navigation, sliding doors on both sides (some van don't have that) and even a DVD player for the back seat.

I honestly have never been so happy with any car in my life. It even...gasp...surpasses the Crossfire experience. I feel comfortable in my car. I love the options of carting things or extra people. It is just a perfect fit for my family. I can now raise my hand and say that I am now a proud mini van driving Mama. I just find it amusing that I never thought I would ever utter those words, but it couldn't be more true.

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