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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Choose...Donors Choose

I recently came upon a really great website that allows donation to school funded projects. Most of us, especially those that know teachers, know that supplies and funds are limited throughout the schools in our country. The site Donors Choose, is dedicated to helping fund projects and other types of materials for the classroom. Basically teachers put in what they need, you help donate to whomever you would like (some for very little costs) and students send thank you card to you. How great is it to help educate our country's youth?


Mama said...

My sister works for this organization. I have donated a couple of time and the letters we receive from the students are very grateful.

If you can afford to give now, this program could really use your help. You can also help this organization by telling teachers about it so that they can sign up to receive donations.

NOVAParenting said...

Absolutely! I think its a great organization. Passing the word is just half of it!