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Thursday, April 2, 2009

What To Do With Crafts?

This is sort of my part II on my craft post. I honestly have so many little crafts now that my kiddo has made me, I started to look into what I can do with all of them to better display/preserve them other then being on my fridge. I will still keep up the fridge art wall, don't get me wrong. I just need an area to expand.

My first idea on how to preserve your little treasures is to figure out what your favorites are, and what your kids favorites are (if they can decide that). It is the idea of a memory or craft box. My own Mom had a little box she bought at a craft store that she kept for both my sister and I. In it she kept a little time table of our lives, such as favorite pieces of art, ballet and piano recital programs, class pictures, cute little certificates like winning a spelling bee, etc., I honestly love that she did this for us. Every so often, I sneak up to her room and pull down the box to look through it.

Another idea to up keep crafts is the L'il DaVinci Store & Display Art Cabinet. This is a product that I haven't seen before and it was also featured the Parents Magazine. Basically what you can do is interchange art work as it comes in. Another great idea would be to have an accordion folder in which you keep certain holiday crafts, so when the holidays roll around you can redisplay them. What I also like about this it comes in various sizes and colors. I really liked the genius behind this one.

The next idea is actually from a show I watched on Oprah. I forget what the show was about, but I do remember that a lady took her kids art work, made digital photos of it and then made books out of it by organizing them online. Places like Picaboo and Photoworks are always having a special deal.

Now if you really want to be brave then you can paint an area with magnetic paint. Then it doesn't matter where you stick it on a play room, kids room or even your kitchen wall.

My last idea is some sort of a picture rail idea. You can either use string and clothes pins in a certain area of your home or you can line a thin border of cork on your walls to pin up the latest works of art.

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