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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Comes In Threes

Have you ever heard the expression "things come in threes"? In my home, it certainly has done just that and in a way that I hope the expression is right because honestly I don't want another damn thing to happen. It is not that I am complaining but just stating the obvious fact that when one person is down in the house, the entire house feels it. The juggling act that was going so well flopped and then you need to scurry ahead to reclaim that position of being ahead of everything.

My husband (God love him), goes out each Sunday morning to play football. I honestly love that he gets out there and exercises as well as have some guy time. Every person needs time to just be for a while. I totally get that. Plus he comes home at a decent time (after my son's nap) so we can do what we need to do. However, on Sunday my poor guy comes home with a swollen ankle, turned black and blue and is hurting. I felt and still feel (he is still recovering) so badly for him. He also feels bad because its the obvious note that although he bust his butt to do lots of things for the family in the house he just isn't can't do everything 120 thousand percent like he does every day. Its okay though because I (aka The Mom) has got this and he can obviously rest up and help out as he can. I would expect him to do that for me (which he has on like a million occasions).

Then next my son has a all night cry fest (more then usual) that lands him in the doc office the very next morning. I felt guilty having the doc tell me he had a severe ear infection. He was fussy during the week, but I figure he was just being a cranky toddler because we had in fact missed some naps and he can't communicate well on the things he wants. Plus the kid wasn't pulling on his ear one bit. So two down...

Next comes Mom. Now when two parents are down, there goes the house. I was trying to be fantastic for my son and my husband. I wanted to give them a break even though my husband was doing more then he should on a busted ankle. So last night rolls around and as I am steaming the delicious crab legs (that my husband bought for the family). I lift the pot lid up and WHOOSH comes the steam burning my wrist. I was still damn determined to eat my crab, so I sat in pain as I iced my wrist between each cracking and pulling out fresh crab meat. I still was in quite a bit of pain that night and honestly had enough. I called in my reinforcements (aka my parents) and asked what I could do for the pain. I don't have time to be sitting in pain with one good arm. Thankfully they came over with some nice aloe and cloths for my wrist, then my husband graciously gave up the wrap that the doctor put around his ankle to hold everything in place. How cool is my family!

So when I say things come in threes, it better damn well happen, at least in this instance. I don't want another thing to happen. My house can take a beating for a while (that is fine). I just need to be able to do what I do and get what I need to get done for my son even if its just with one good arm. So no more burns, no more ear infections (lets hope) and no more sprained ankles for a while and if it could be forever...that is better yet.

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