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Monday, April 13, 2009

Loving Bed Time

Okay bed time is a love of mine. Not my bed time (though some nights it is beyond fantastic), but little man's bed time. This isn't a new thought that just suddenly occurred to me. I have been loving it for quite some time. I just had a thought I wanted to put out there and just wanted a penny for your thoughts.

I am not judging (okay maybe a little) when I say I don't get the whole kids sleeping in bed with you past the nursing age. Obviously when your child is a new born I see them sleeping in the same room for the purpose of having to get up multiple times a night. I did not nurse as I bottle feed, nor is my town home that big, so walking down the hall to feed the little guy was no big deal. Honestly it allowed (depending on the shifts) for either my husband or I to sleep while the other did the feeding. I also could not take another noisy thing in my room to go sleep to. I admit that I am a deep sleeper once I am asleep, but I can not go to sleep with a bunch of noise. Little man always gurgled, snored and cooed in his sleep. I love him but I also love my sleep. So when my neighbor told me that both of her kids slept with her (two kids to be exact) that range was 5 and 2 years old, I just did not get it. How can she possibly sleep.

So enlighten me if you are a co-sleeper with your children. How do you sleep? I can't take the constant noise, the constant tossing and turning and not having that alone time with my husband at night. I love having a few hours of "me time" before I go to bed for the evening to sit unwind, clean, take a shower or read a book. I am not trying to judge (honest), but maybe your kids don't make noise, don't toss and maybe they do and you don't mind those things. I just wonder how you get down time for yourself? Do you get to just be for a minute? Make love to your spouse?

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