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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teething...its a pain

I am happy to say that if my husband and I had a newborn now, then we would probably easily be in-tuned with the multiple late night/early morning calls of needing to wake up and tend to our child. That would be my only positive (the glass is half full) attitude towards waking up during all hours of the night and dealing with a semi cranky toddler during the day. My son is getting his two year old molars in and it sucks for everyone.

We have given back the pacifier to help with the teething pain (gasp I know), but in light of it all, it just was not worth it. He was hurting, it soothed him and my husband nor I could stand the endless crying for it. Literally he would cry for twenty minutes. We will try to wean him off those things another time.

I honestly also feel a bit terrible for my husband on this one as well. I am a very deep sleeper. I probably would sleep through a train going through my bedroom. My husband on the other hand is the exact opposite. He can easily be woken up by hearing the pitter patter of rain outside, dogs walking around the house, and the faint mumble of a baby starting to cry. Needless to say, he usually pops out of bed way before I do, so usually he wakes up. I feel bad for that, but in my defense, I have told him to nudge me if it is my turn. Its up to him if he does that.

Thankfully with tylenol or motrin a lot of the pain does subside. I don't like giving meds to my kid, but if I was hurting then I would want it. He is typically so happy and just a little ball of excitable life, so when he looks at his Mom with tear filled eyes and puts his entire hand in his mouth, then what is a Mom to do?

So for you Moms and Dads out there that are dealing with the same thing I am right now of being sleep deprived, and dealing with someone else's little molars; I sympathize greatly with you.

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