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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Raindrops and Roses

So me being a bit sentimental today, I decided to write about a few favorite things that don't cost a thing that I like, what my husband likes (we'll keep it G rated) and what my son likes.

My Favs
1. Spending time with my family and just being around each other alone in the house on a rainy day or during the evening after dinner.
2. Going to a new place to explore with the family or returning back to favorite places.
3. I love it when both my guys (toddler and husband) kiss me or hug me for no reason at all.
4. Taking bubble baths....alone.
5. Hanging out with my family and my sister and her family.
6. Even though it is silly, I like when my Mom answers the phone and says "Hi Pumpkin Pumpkin". It makes me feel like a kid again and I always smile.
7. When my husband tells me "stories". He can pick any story he likes from his memory rather it be about his childhood, our dating days or recent memories. I love hearing things from his perspective.
8. I love the fact that every time I sit in "indian position" and for the more PC term "legs crossed" that my son thinks that is where he should plop his butt down.
9. I guess this could go with hugging/kissing but it is different for me. I love it when my husband hugs me from behind while I am doing something like cleaning dishes in the sink.
10. The bond between my son and husband is beautiful. My son asked all day yesterday for his Dada.

Husband Favs
1. Hearing his son say "Dada". It always makes him smile, especially when he comes home from work.
2. Loving that his wife actually cleaned a room or area without him having to do it. He is far cleaner then I am, I'll admit that.
3. Sunday morning football
4. Friday night poker
5. Its a love/hate thing but he likes to be pestered sometimes by his wife in a flirty way.
6. Making food for anyone.
7. Me making dinner for once.
8. Teaching me something new that I probably should know how to do (html, etc.,)
9. Date nights with his wife
10. His son wanting kisses and hugs from his Dada without him asking for one.

Son's Favs
1. Seeing Mama and Dada when they get off work.
2. Being a little mooch in eating both of his parents desserts.
3. Getting picked up whenever he asks for it (for the most part I draw the line when I am using the bathroom).
4. Story time
5. Watching the "goal show" aka hockey.
6. When his Mom and Dad are silly with him
7. Sitting next to his Mom on her part of the couch and putting her favorite blanket on him too. What a snuggler!
8. Baths with the exception of getting his head washed.
9. Going outside. It doesn't matter where but going anywhere is fine to him
10. Music rather it be singing songs or listening to it. He loves to dance to it and hear it!

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