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Monday, April 20, 2009

Dani's Duds is a DUD

I wanted to make a comment to all the readers in this blog about an event I posted in the NOVA Parenting Activities blog. I listed an event called Dani's Duds that occurred from Thursday to Sunday at the Dulles Expo show. I like any other savvy shopping Mama in today's world am always looking for a great deal, so even though Saturday was beautiful, my husband and I decided to make a short stop to the show. Like I said, I love finding a good buy.

I should have known from the almost empty parking lot that this show was a bust or maybe I just arrived too late for any good pickings. I figured because the weather was so nice that perhaps there was less people there, but my husband and I continued on.

I went first to the boys section in search of a extra outfit for the day care bin for accidents days and for clothing for the fall. I figured there must be some nice shirts, maybe a pants, and finding a snowsuit OR winter coat would be fantastic. I would take any of those picks. However, what I found was terribly worn clothing that if I were the vendor would be embarrassed to even put out. The clothing was paper thin worn and resembled clothing that far exceeded items that I wore in my childhood. I am no second hand snob either,as I have bought my share of second hand clothing, but it was pretty bad. They had one outfit that as a friend and I once put "if I wore that I would kick my own butt". I moved on though still in hopes for some seasonal wear. There were no jackets his size (well one but it was neon) and no snowsuits. I half expected the snow suits, but I thought perhaps a coat would be on the rack? I am hoping that perhaps these donators chose to donate their coats to a charity and perhaps that is why there was simply nothing to choose from. They did have lots of shoes for sell, but many of them were very worn. On pair of sandals, it priced for $5, which I later bought from Target brand new in the same style for $12.99. At least the Velcro stayed on, so it was well worth the extra $7.

They did have some toys for sell. Not great but they had some more popular items like Little People Sets, stationary play sets, etc., I did not get why they sold car seats. Shouldn't you NOT buy used cars seats? To each their own though.

To sum up, I will not be posting in the next go around on my NOVA Parenting Activities website when the next Dani's Duds will be at the Dulles Expo. I know they come around twice a year (spring and fall), but to me the price of admission just was not at all worth it. If you want to find great deals then I say go to Kid 2 Kid in Centreville, Lords and Ladies in South Riding or visit The Children's Place at Potomac Mills Mall where I found a brand new and cute shirt for merely a $1.


Ashley said...

I consigned this spring at Dani's Duds and found it to be a great experience as a seller. Granted, the things I consigned were either name-brand or dirt-cheap - and everything was good condition, cleaned, pressed, and unstained. I did hear that spring 2009 wasn't as good. It was my first time and I had lots of items - I only brought home about 10 of the well over 100 items I dropped off. I could definitely see that there was alot of junk, but when I dropped items off before the sale I saw LOTS of great stuff as well. I'm sure the best stuff goes early in the sale. I encountered alot of obviously experience consignment sale shoppers. Consigners and volunteers definitely get a head start. I didn't actually shop this time (except a little outfit I found when picking up things at the end) but in the fall I plan to take a small boxful of items to sell so that I can shop the first full day. I'd love to hear if there is a "favorite" consignment sale out there!

Jenn said...

I've been to this sale during the consignor shopping time. I didn't find anything I wanted to buy, but I'm guessing that was because I saw hundreds of women sorting threw piles of adorable clothes they were getting ready to purchase. I learned then and there never to shop these sales unless you shop early/first during the volunteer shop time, which is days before the sale opens to the public.
Try the MOPS sale for consigning and the Catholic Consignment sale for shopping , but again consign and volunteer to shop early.

Sean said...

I agree, this is a DUD!! We took over 5 carloads of thing to this sale and brought back only 1 at the end of it. Yet somehow, according to Dani's Duds we didn't sell anything so we never got paid. Waste of time and money, should have just donated everything!!

Lori said...

I just consigned at Dani's Duds for the first time and it was terrible. After all the work I did to list every item online, find hangers safety pins and cardstock, hanging all the clothes and making them presentable, and driving all the way out there, I barely made anything off of over 200 items.

BTW after finding out how little I made I typed 'Dani's Duds is a Dud' in google and it took me right here. glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Diamond Pet Service said...

Do NOT, do NOT consign with them. You will lose a lot of items and be told you didn't look hard enough. I looked in every bin on every table and the brand-new DVDs I had taken for sale (where not ONE sold) were ALL not there. And somehow they also didn't sell. I immediately emailed them and received no response. For taking 50% of your earnings, you would think they would closely monitor; but if other people have stuff missing, I wonder who is actually walking out with our merchandise?

Anonymous said...

I like this part and so truth For taking 50% of your earnings, you would think they would closely monitor; but if other people have stuff missing, I wonder who is actually walking out with our merchandise?