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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I don’t have time (nor does my poor husband want to go out) to mosey around antique shops, yard sales and thrift stores. Heck I do the majority of my shopping online for Christmas presents and a lot of pre-browsing before I go to some stores. Yes I still like to look, but I basically know what I want to get. Although it is nothing new, I have found a new love for a website, Craigslist.

I have found many a people have used this site and have been happy with it. A friend of mine bought a rocking chair at a largely discounted price for her nursery. Another person I knew bought an entire bedroom set for a needy family. We even used it once as a means to get people to help us move when no one we knew would help us and I was six months pregnant. But above all I just like to look and mainly at the furniture section (at least for now).

I really love antiques. I have found some really cool looking pieces like Hitchcock mirrors, cobblers table, intricate hope chests, etc., Some are priced pretty well and other prices I see for things like a very worn 1970s laminate dining room set for $1200 is just hilarious to me. Who would pay that? I guess they just want to keep it and aren't serious about selling? I have also thought about buying a new dresser for our spare bedroom, but decided that we will do that once God blesses us with a another child and we find out the sex. There are just too many awesome looking pieces of furniture on that site for both boy and girl rooms. It seriously is a smorgasbord of great deals to be had.

So while I click away at the different links (pictures should be almost a requirement), I am fulfilling that love of the hunt for a new fantastic find. My husband is happy as he is just feet away and watching a Caps game and my toddler is fast asleep in his crib. The family is happy. I am happy.

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