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Monday, April 27, 2009

Today Was A Hard Day

This morning was a hard morning for Mommy. It was not because of a family crisis, an illness or even an injury (THANK GOD). It was a hard day because this Mom did not want to drop off her little munchkin at day care.

My little man who is always busy, on the go and just loves to go to school, wanted his Mom today. Typically each morning, Dad does the drop offs while Mom does the pick ups at day care. However, there was no getting out the house with a toddler scrambling up your leg to be held (that tugged on my heart strings) and held onto me so tightly in fear of being put down. He wanted me and he needed me. He wasn't sick or hurt, he just wanted his Mom.

So off to day care I went with my little man in tow. My husband had a morning to himself and I had the hard task of the drop off. My little man and I entered the day care just fine. He was up looking around until we entered his classroom. He didn't cry or whine, but just simply put his head on my shoulder trying to melt into my arms. I loved that but at the same time my heart hurt because I needed to go to work. I could of stayed there forever with my little toddler all nestled on my shoulder absorbing the rare times that he just wants to stay still and cuddle. I had to go though (I was already almost an hour late) and had to watch as my son cradled into another woman's arms.

It was hard for me to say goodbye for a few short hours. I wanted more then anything to just take him back home and be with him all day. If it hadn't been for a severe ear infection that he had last week, which took me out of work for two days, I would of turned right around and stayed with him. I miss my little man, but I am sure he's having fun as he always does. I'll just be thinking of him today as I do each day, but with a heavier heart and missing my morning cuddles. Mommy misses you little man.

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