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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mom Wear

Yes I am dedicating this post to Moms and what they wear. I figure that all of us from time to time has been there on some of the issues I am going to talk about or consider this an intervention of sorts.

First off, "Mom pants" are a no. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. Not only does it make you look like your waist is a mile high, but it is in no way appealing. Sure a lot of us don't care about being sexy from time to time, but this is one fashion statement that should never be done no matter how lazy you are. Wearing sweat pants would be a FAR better choice. If it didn't work for Jessica Simpson, then it sure isn't going to work for you. If you don't know what I am talking about then please observe the example below.

I also have to ask, is anyone between a size? For me a size eight is a bit too tight and a size ten is literally falling off my butt. I really had a time period in which I wanted to not wear my maternity pants but seriously it is harder then just going out and buying a pair of pants. I have found one pair of pants in all the stores I have shopped in that truly fit perfectly. I thought I would buy more pants in that same size in different colors, but oh was just those pair of pants because only ONE was cut to fit my body. The rest did not agree with me.

Third issue. Can't shirts be longer? Maybe I am modest but I do not like my stomach to show when I wear clothes. Add a toddler on my hip and you probably have seen my stomach on a few unnecessary and completely embarrassing times. I beg you dear clothing designers to help me hide my belly fat. Also if you could please stop making elastic necklines where toddlers will inadvertently try to make you flash people like it is Mardi Gra on Bourbon Street, that would be nice too.

Sizing in stores baffles me. I don't consider myself to be a big person. At one time you would describe me as petite. Sure I have a little belly to go with my five foot one frame, but I am in no way large. However, in 99% of clothing store that I go in, I fit a large in blouses and t-shirts. I honestly wonder where the hell other women shop that are larger then me?

So there is my little clothing rant. I just had to say my little two cents on the matter. What are your two cents?

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