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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Interview

Over the weekend, during a quick bite out at a local fast food place with the family, I found myself talking with a fellow Mom. She started the conversation after hearing me tell my husband how I needed bib for our son because he can be a bit messy and she in turn told me about a great stain detergent that would help any mess. She had a few kids so she would know, so I thanked her kindly not caring that she was eavesdropping. It was in no way pushy “I know it all” advice.

We continued talking and she asked how old my son was and told me how old her son was. Both boys were just a few months apart in age. She talked to me about how Chick-Fil-A has Family nights and I replied enthusiastically as she really was a kind and sincere Mom. We were in the same club after all, or so I thought.

It was not that she was annoying, but I found it almost remarkable that she continued to just talk and talk to me. I honestly talked to her more during that meal then to my son or husband. She filled me in area kid events as if she was one of my Mommy friends. I thought that perhaps she was from the South. She did not have an accent, but typically Southerners are traditionally a bit friendlier then us Yankees in conversation. I am from the South, I should know. Nope, she came from upstate New York. Hmmm....

Then I was asked the question, “Are you a stay at home Mom” and that is when I realized what was happening. I was on an interview. She briefly mentioned play date groups in one of our many passing conversation subjects and I didn’t bite like she wanted me too. I politely replied “No” and that basically ended her talking to me. Sure she was polite and warm, but the intense nature of her questioning and feeding me cool things to do around Northern Virginia had ended rather abruptly.

I obviously did not take offense to it. She was not rude. It is what is is. I am a full time working Mom. I work to pay the mortgage and take care of the family. I don’t have the luxury of morning or afternoon play dates. I just find it amusing that even though I am a Mom, I don’t belong in that Mommy club.

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