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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Journal for My Son

My husband's Mom came up with a nice idea of writing a journal for my son. Sure I have a blog dedicated to my son's milestones, achievements and funny little stories, but as my other Mom put it "writing a personal journal by hand is just a tad bit better. It has your handwriting." I couldn't agree more.

While visiting my other Mom one day at her house, she came over with a well worn, thick and bound book. She said "this is a journal that my Mom gave me when I became an adult". It was a journal filled with pages of thoughts and stories written by her mother about my Moms growing up years. To my other Mom, this was a true treasure for her. I couldn't but help wish my own Mom had done something like that for me. Know what she was thinking when I was growing up. What her dreams were of mine at the time and the little every day stories that she had forgotten about. What was she feeling when I was 2, 7 or when I hit those tedious teenage years? My other Mom had it all written out for her by her own Mom.

So although my son's personal blog will still be maintained, I am going to start a journal just for him. My son's blog is for him and for the world. This journal will be just for him. He may appreciate it someday or maybe not, but at least it will be filled with thoughts and stories of his childhood.

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