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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura has released a new book called In Praise of Stay-at-Home-Moms and I am outraged! Her book basically talks about how stay at home Mom is the best answer for everyone all around and that if you don't, her heart aches for you.

In a article on Baby Center, it discusses how Dr. Laura thinks that no mother should never return to work after her first is born until he/she is of school age. She talks about even in the economic hard times that parents should prioritize things so that one parent can stay home. If we don't then we are abandoning our child to the quote "day orphanages". Then while we go to our jobs, at least one parent is selfishly working to buy extra materialistic items or inflate their own ego. Excuse me?

Apparently this woman does not know we are in a recession. That perhaps some parents have to work to put food on the table and a roof over their child's head. Maybe those things are "material" to her. There are also Moms that LOVE to be Moms but would absolutely go bonkers if they did not have an outside job and are better Moms for it. I can say that there are Moms that belong to stay at home with their kids and there are Moms that should go to work for either their sanity or really suck at being home all day and aren't doing their kids justice.

I also am kind of (well lets be frank) pissed off that she indicates Moms should stay at home. What about Dads? What about stay at home Dads? This is gender bias where you think the woman should stay home and attend to her flock and husbands needs. I for one knew a family where the Dad stayed home and it was fantastic. The kids thrived and Mom pulled in the money the family needed. For that family, it made financial sense.

I just think that Dr. Laura is going overboard here. Heck, she only stayed at home until her own son was three, which is obviously before elementary school age. Pot calling the kettle black are we? What I find more baffling is that people agree with her on this stance. Are you nuts?

The key thing to learn from here is that we as Moms need to not judge another family or another situation because you don't know a family's situation. You don't know their finances, their background or their needs. As I have said before and will say again, as long as the parents are doing things in the best interest of their child then just leave them alone and let them be and stop judging!

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