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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Several weekends ago, my family and I stumbled on a discounted food store called Aldi. Let me tell you, we bought SO many groceries for a fraction of the price. A gallon of milk was $1.99 where as in Giant it is typically priced at $3.49. The store is not large by any means and don't think you'll find the typical named brand thing most food stores carry. One non name brand thing we did buy was a version of Lucky Charms and Apple Jacks cereal. My husband nor I could tell the difference on taste what so ever from the more expensive stuff to the cheaper version.

One thing to note is if you want to use their bags, you have to buy them. It is to encourage people to use their own bags to cut down on the cost so the store can cut down on the cost of the food it carries. Also, remember to bring a quarter. You need a quarter for a shopping cart, which was weird to me, but you get your quarter when you return the shopping cart even if you don't buy anything. Its a extra incentive to give the cart back to again cut down on store expenses. I believe for this shopping trip my husband and I easily saved $20 worth of groceries and we will certainly be returning again. Every little bit helps right?

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