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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Popsicles..AKA Toddler Crack

My post is inspired by a friends blog who wrote about how her toddler daughter is addicted to apple juice. Her post made me smile thanking GOD I was not the only one to have a toddler addicted to something, because my son has an addiction to popsicles.

It started innocently enough when I bought them. It was an warm June day and I remembered a favorite past time when I was a kid eating popsicles with my girlfriends on my parents front porch. It was one of those summer "must haves" and I figured why not?

Fast forward a couple months. My son learned where popsicles are stashed and now knows how to open the HEAVY freezer (our freezer is on the bottom of our fridge) and pulls out popsicles for himself. Thankfully its the cheapo popsicles that come in a box of a zillion so you have to cut the top offs with the scissors, because otherwise I'd have permanent popsicle drips all over my house. It isn't that I don't want him to enjoy it, but seriously its a request just about everyday and one just is never good enough. I am pretty laid back about a lot of things, but thats a lot of sugar my already energetic guy does not need. Even if I got those sugar free nasty things and my son is mostly clean for a two year old, he drips. Heck I drip popsicle from time to time, but its just another mess I don't really feel like cleaning up. If I say no because its almost dinner time or he's already had out. My beautiful smiley boy goes from awesome, cool kid to grump-a-saurous.

Thankfully you can freeze how ever much you want from the box of ready to be made liquid popsicles. I thinks thats my only saving grace. He more or less understands no more popsicles is better then him thinking I am holding out on him. If he sees an empty freezer he's more or less cool about it. Disappointed but cool about it. Of course there are times when we just say "no", but in a house with a two year learn to pick your battles because fighting every one of them is just plain exhausting.

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