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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Beginning

There are those moments in life when a person starts a new journey or a new beginning that just takes my breath away. It could be because they are marrying their best friend, bringing a new life into this world or making a major move in their life. Often it brings me to tears. This weekend was one of those moments where I got to witness a couple beginning a new journey together into married life.

As I watched an old friend of mine walk down the aisle, I remember all too easily the nerves and the excitement I felt when I walked down the aisle on my wedding day. I remember my Dad saying something to me and me just being awe struck looking at my husband. I remember being nervous about messing up a line, not being able to drink the symbolic wine or hoping I don't spontaneously faint because I really get shy being the center of attention in a large group. I remember the excitement of starting a newly married life with my husband. Finally being able to sleep over in the apartment I had been paying for with my soon to be husband without my parents hounding me about it. I was excited for the day, excited for becoming my best friends wife and excited for all the things that were to come. My friend was starting a new phase in her book and I was able to stand there and witness that. Seeing her proud, excited, nervous expression brought tears to my eyes as she gazed my way and smiled her famous sweet girl smile. I smiled back, remembering to breath because LORD I did not want to cry.

This was the girl I met my sophomore year of high school. I remembering going to her sweet 16 party. The girl that dated the twin brother of my high school sweetheart. The girl that I remember going to see a high school choir performance when she sang a solo to "Together Again" by Janet Jackson. This was the same girl whose hand I held years after high school had ended when we attended a wake for an old boyfriend of hers/old friend of mine. We have cried together, sang (me very miserably) together and laughed a lot together. How quickly years seem to fly. How quickly we seem to go through lifes bumps and twisty roads and still somehow survive. She had found her other half and as corny as it may sound...she had became a woman.

My friend, as her Matron of Honor said during her speech, really is a treasure. She is loving, trusting, forgiving without fault, honest and humble. To me she was always just plain sweet. How wonderful it is to witness a new beginning. Even though I have been married for a short time, its unbelievable how much life has changed since the day I was married. We have had a baby, bought a house, family members/friends have died, we've met new friends, gotten new jobs, traveled and explored new places, etc., etc.,

I hope for my dear friend that her future is everything she wants it to be with her new husband. That her husband and her remember to act as a team. Remember that old saying of never go to bed mad at each other. Forgive and forget. Let life roll with the punches but make sure to back each other up. Love each other unconditionally. Its a fresh start, a new beginning that just leaves me in awe. Congrats to you my dear friend.

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