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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toddler Translation Anyone?

My toddler after many months of worry has started finally really talking. He says a new word just about every day, which really is a relief as I was getting a tad bit worried with his verbal skills. He will try to mock things you're saying, try counting different objects, etc., However I have been trying to figure out a particular word he keeps saying and just can't get a handle on it.

Typically I can figure out what he is saying. Usually its something he needs like milk, snack, wanting more of this or that, etc., For the past two days he has been saying something that sounds like "monkey" and I can't figure out for the life of me what he is saying. He isn't talking about his stuffed animal monkey (tried that half a dozen times). Is it one word? Two words he is saying together? What is it? I do the guessing game with him and point to everything imaginable in the room he would want. All I get are head shakes and then he ends up forgetting about it. So whats the deal? What does he keep saying?

I am sure many parents get a little frustrated trying to translate for their toddler on what their needs or wants are. Is there an app for this (excuse the iphone reference)? Has your toddler said something that you could not comprehend for a while that you finally figured out what they were saying? If so, what?

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da Mamma said...

Oh, the new words a mother has to figure out. This past week it was bubba says "F*ck". And not just saying the word, he does a little humping hop on his knees with it. Of course our minds go straight to - did he see us?? But no, nothing like that. He was saying FROG and hopping like a frog.

As for Monkey - My keys, Mom please, or maybe it isn't an 'm' word at all. Maybe ask at school if he says it and when he says it. Good luck.