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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things You'd Never Thing You'd See

When I first met my husband we were teenagers. I feel in love with him as a teenager and have been with him through so many life experiences and thankfully have grown together and bonded through them. He has not changed too much except with taking on and stepping up with the responsibilities in our life (mortgage, bills, kid). He is still that same quiet, funny, confident and handsome man I fell in love with. There are just things, especially when you meet the love of your life so young that I would never think I'd see him do. So in honor of my husband, here it goes.

I'd never think that I'd see my husband:

...get pooped on, peed on or puked on by anybody. Obviously my son has done all of this to him. He never freaked out either. It was matter of fact, but usually it was telling me to get something...and quick.

... play hockey with a two year old kid using a two foot miniature hockey stick and having a blast.

...see me in the most embarrassing situations that I would of died from horror as a teenager (giving birth would be one of them). He stayed there and cheered me on or was always there to help, even if there was a chuckle thrown in there a time or two.

.. try and lure our son who HATES diaper changes by showing how Elmo doesn't mind getting his "stinking tush" changed by pretending to change Elmo. It was so cute witnessing it and so creative that I had to giggle behind a blanket.

...enjoy (admit it honey you do) finding cool or cute clothes for a little kid. He really does love the Tom and Jerry shirt on our little bambino.

...on multiple occasions get his face smeared with food. Hilarious...and no it was not me!

....take a bubble bath (complete with Elmo watermelon soap) in a tub with wall art, boats and various toys and yes my son was taking a bath too : )

...sing different songs from Sesame Street or any kid song, but he does and with enthusiasm!

...sit and watch on a daily basis just because our son loves it Sesame Street. He did not grow up with it like I did, but he will watch it.

...ask me while folding laundry who sock this is mine or my sons. I have small feet, but really?

...kick butt on taking responsibility in fixing things in our house. I knew I picked a good one!

I'm sure I'll have part two, three, four and so on with this post, but I had to post this one. Are there things you'd never think you would see your husband do that you would never think he would do when you first met him?

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