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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Must Haves? Must Have Nots?

I love making lists, so I decided why not make list of must haves and must have nots for toddlers? I wanted to compile a list of things that were really useful for my family and things we could of easily done without.


1)Great non-spill sippy cups (Playtex and Gerber)
2)Snack Traps
3)Ride on toy with storage (easy to transport to houses and put extra toys in to play)
4)Smaller diaper bags. Now that bottles aren't necessary its time to down scale.
5)Containers to store different toys. This can help lower the clean up by bringing one out at a time.

Have Nots:
1) Different storage containers for toddler food. Really your tupperware is fine for this.
2)Toys that do not have an off switch.
3)Toddler utensils. Dessert forks work great.
4)Cloth bibs...believe me the plastic ones at this point are a lot easier to clean up.
5)Various brands of lego blocks. No brand ever fits the other.

Do you have any haves or have nots to include?

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