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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Before They Grow Up List

As it is 2010 and this is not part of the wish list...I wanted to update my "Before The Kids Grow Up List". As stated in the last blog entry...there are lots of things that I will repeat on this list of things I'll do with my kid(s) and obviously some I hope to some day do as some are still a bit too mature for a toddler right now.

Disney World - Have timeshare planned for 2010
Capitals Game
Redskins Game (Dad can take him to this)
Cox's Farm Fall Festival
Polar Express Train Experience
Pick Halloween Pumpkin from a Pumpkin Patch
Thomas Train Experience
Baltimore Aquarium
Crayola Factory
Ice Show
Baseball game
Brighton Beach
A Beach
Visit the town I grew up
Boyd's Bear Store (Pennsylvania)
Swim in the Pacific Ocean
Pick some sort of fruit (apples, strawberries, etc.,)
Make some fantastic mud pies (I mean the real mud...not a real dessert)
Bore my children with trips down memory lane (maybe some of it will interest them)
Eat dessert for dinner
Have a tremendous war with water guns
Meet professional athletes
Deep Sea Fishing
See a sleeping Volcano (Mommy is too afraid of live ones)
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Lion Country Safari
Luray Caverns
Botanical Gardens
Central Park
A Broadway Play
Air and Space Museum and Udvar-Hazy Center
White House
Sea World/Miami Aquarium
Colonial Williamsburg
Hershey Park
Skiing (Dad can do this)
Eat in the Disney castle
Munich Germany to see the Clock
The Tower of London
Make forts with furniture and blankets
A Castle
Scuba Diving (Dad's thing)
Archery Range
A Cruise
Treesort in Takilma, Oregon
Yellowstone National Park
The Grand Canyon
Tweetsie Railroad
Gem Mine
A Civil War Battlefield
Niagara Falls
Statue of Liberty
Times Square
Visit Philly just to eat cheese steaks
White Water Rafting
See National Christmas Tree
Sesame Place

*Visit at least one if not more of the following countries: Austria, China, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia

New Additions for this list:

Play broom ball
Monkey Jungle
Rent out a suite for a Capitals game
Implement a family fun night (once a month) with a theme like Camp Out
Scavenger Hunt (we may need to recruit my nephew to help)
Host a family/friend kickball game
Family karaoke night?...that would be amusing.
Dance in the rain
Build something (maybe a bird house or bird feeder)
Dude Ranch

Do any of you have great ideas to perhaps add to the list?

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