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Monday, January 4, 2010

Wishes for 2010

2009 was a good year, but really...I'm glad its over. We did fun things like visiting multiple Zoos, my son learned to say "love ya", had a blast at Sesame Place (PA), Atlantic City, New York, and in Miami, and celebrated good times with family and friends. However 2009 wasn't without faults as I still am searching for a new job, my Mom underwent heart surgery, my son got kicked out of day care, Grandma ditched us, our couch broke, our bed broke, our tv...well it got its ass handed to it by a fisher price school bus and theres that little thing called annoying debt that I'd like to take care of ASAP.

My wishes for 2010 (this is not a resolution people...its a WISH) is for a happier and easier year. I would love the year to be filled with the same positives of 2009 (visiting new/same places and celebrating life with family/friends) but I wish it to be easier...thats all and could I possibly have the present I've wanted for some time now?

So here are my wishes (and I think some of them are destined to come true):

~ For my son to learn how to speak on the same curve of his least have improvement.

~ To at least finish one nice home repair be it the deck, painting the kitchen, finishing up the master bathroom...(I don't care what).

~ Visit new places with my husband or with my family.

~ Get something organized in my house (this is vague and I'm leaving it this way on purpose).

~ Strive to be a better Mom. There is always room for improvement.

~ Buy my son a big kid bed...yikes!

~ Find a new stable job...with decent pay and commute.

~ Pay off some major debt.

~ Have my son almost potty trained? (a huge question mark on this one)

~ Hopefully hear something via the present I've been wanting.

So there it is 2010...thats what I want and those are my wishes. I don't think its a ridiculous list although some things will be harder then others. I'm just being real with what I want.

What are your wishes for 2010?

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