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Monday, January 18, 2010

Surgery Tomorrow

Once more I am talking about my sons upcoming surgery. Seriously I talk and talk and talk about it on here so much its like I'm beating the topic to death, but seriously people it is surgery and its my baby we're talking about.

Today I am working as my company does not have MLK Day off. It stinks, but in a way its almost a blessing because its another day that I get paid (I don't get paid for holidays)and honestly I need something to distract me. My mind is constantly worried about this surgery even though logic tells me its a surgery that has been done a thousand times by the ENT doctors and does not need a whole lot of recovery time. I just feel helpless because I can not protect my son from not needing it. He should of had it done a long time ago...I guess I was just wishing he begin to talk more...that ear infections would cease and there would be no fluid in his ears. I was hoping...

In the months to come with this surgery and the speech therapy, my son should feel better, become less frustrated as I know he will be able to learn more and more words and be able to communicate to everyone much better. I just wish tomorrow was over already...

Just pray for my son tomorrow...its all I ask.

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