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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Letter To My Son

To My Darling Boy,

You were something I dreamed of and wished for all my life. I knew before any pictures, any confirmation when you were born that you would be a little boy and you would be special. I remember the expression your Dad had when he first heard your heart beat, saw your first sonogram and when we got that 20 week confirmation that we would have a son. It was a look of pure joy, excitement and no expression of his has compared since. I felt lucky when I was pregnant with you (despite the swollen ankles and lovely stretch marks)as I could feel your kicks and the constant hick ups you would have while I was in meetings. It was a special bonding experience of closeness and the one time I could truly protect you from everything.

When you were born your Dad and I marveled at the beautiful gift God gave us. You entered this world feisty (peeing on the nurse three times) and certainly made your presence known. You are still that little guy that with one look from those beautiful, spirited green eyes can melt your Mother's heart. I love that you have already grown into a pretty awesome kid who is confident, loving, and full of energy. You remind me of your Dad and you remind me of how I was like as a child...a true firecracker.

My dear son I have such plans for you, but what is most important above all else is that you are happy, know you are loved and ALWAYS have your parents support. I hope for you to reach for the stars in living out your dreams. I wish for you to find your soul mate and love deeply and compassionately. I dream of the day when you discover how hard it is being a parent but find nothing can be more rewarding.

My advice to you dear son is to remember to say sorry when you have done something wrong, forgive when someone apologies, that family above anything is the most important thing you will ever have, always always always communicate (its key in any relationship) and as your Dad will always say...try never to pay full price.

You are such a beautiful, unique and wonderful little guy that will someday grow too quickly to be a man. Remember to think of your Mom and Dad from time to time even when life gets hectic and friends or other life plans comes up. We will always look forward to seeing you and hearing about your day. I will always be your Mom, but I hope we will also have open communication and a friendship.

I love you!



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