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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Son Called Me By My Name

When I became a Mom, I got used to being called "So and So's Mom". I kind of liked it actually. I laughed because I remember an old friend saying "while you know who you seem to lose the identity of your name and its replaced by Mom or some variation." How true that became, until this weekend.

I was dropping my son off at his Grandparents house as my husband and I had a little date that night to a party later in the evening. I stopped to chat with my Mom and Dad a bit as my son pulled out one of his favorite toys, a little tykes car, out of the sun room. My son loves pretending and on this particular occasion he was pretending to leave in his little car...however...I got a little surprise.

Son: Bye Dina!

Me: WHAT????

Son: Bye Dina!

Me: I'm MAMA! You are a lucky kid who gets a special name to call me that no one else can use. I'm your Mama.

My Mom and I both looked at each other bright eyed as my son's speech (as said in past posts) aren't the best so he doesn't know that many words. However, he decided in his own little way call me by my first name. He garbled it, but called me out on it.

Moral at the end of this story...Kids will never cease surprising their parents.

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