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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekend Getaways

Last weekend my husband and I took our first mini vacation since we had our son two and a half years ago. I can describe the vacation in one word...amazing. I missed my son, but having a few days to reconnect with my husband after so much stress and so much craziness was just what WE needed.

My husband and I actually decided to go on the vacation per one of those phone calls we got from a timeshare place saying "we won" a free weekend in Williamsburg, a $200 gift card and a Orlando voucher four night stay as long as we listen to a 90 minute presentation. Why not right? At fist the plan was to take my son but because it was only going to be 2 1/2 hours away and for such a short time my sweetheart of a husband thought why not have that short time to ourselves while our son "vacationed" at his Grandparents house?

Williamsburg was a breeze to get to as we're used to driving to Miami. We showed up at the Williamsburg Plantation timeshare location and discovered we had a two bedroom condo with two baths, which one bath had a three person jacuzzi! I'll just tell you all now...I took five baths in that thing in three days. I was in interruptions, lots of hot water and jets massaging your back. I was one happy woman. We spent the first day shopping and having a great time with one another and... we ate dinner at SEVEN o'clock opposed to the regular 5:30 dinner time. The following day we spent the time walking around Colonial Williamsburg and ate in one of the open taverns, which is something we would never get to do had we brought our two year old. I loved visiting Williamsburg as I am more of the history buff then my husband, but he enjoyed the magazine and the entrance area of the Governor's Palace as it was filled with weapons.

I came home more relaxed, just feel at peace and even have more energy. I think from now on having a short weekend getaway once a year with just my husband will be a must. Spending time as a family is of course important, but being able to just spend quality time as a couple is essential.

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