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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girl Toys/Boy Toys...

I know a few parents that really want their kid to play with toys that are gender "appropriate" (if you can call it that). While I do not buy my son pretty pink princess dress up clothes or barbies...I find that some parents are a bit extreme on what is suppose to be gender appropriate.

I got a few comments when buying my son a kitchen set. Really? Is that seriously JUST for girls? I don't think so. My husband cooks far better then I do. Thank God since we would probably eat the same meals over and over again if it were up to me. I am the baker in my family...and love baking...not cooking. My son LOVES his kitchen set and play food. It is interesting to see what meals we get from him (sometimes a plate of fake mushrooms or a plate with half a carrot). He loves watching his Dad and I pretend to eat his meals and we always tell him how delicious they are. Nothing is cuter then seeing a proud grin on his face. I would feel kind of sad if I was missing out on that...just because others feel it isn't a toy for boys. I say cook away...your wife will love you for it someday just like I love that my husband cooks.

I had a conversation with my husband about gender appropriate toys the other night. I told him I really don't care if he points out something in the store and really wants to play with it. He told me he probably wouldn't get a barbie, which I can kind of see, but if he wanted it...I would buy it. Plus there are G.I. Joe barbie dolls...and aren't army men kind of like dolls too? Sure their accessories aren't little high heels and semi slutty dresses, but they do come with accessories.

My son also loves to take my knock off Louis Vuitton bag and pretend to leave on his little ride on toy as he waves and says "goodbye" to me. Bother me much? Not really. He sees his Dad come in and out with a brief case or diaper bag, so really it isn't unusual for the male role model in his life to have some sort of bag when he comes or goes. So when you throw in a colorful bag... why not have fun with his little world of pretend? He can have the bag...

My son loves playing with other toys marked for boys such as cars, trucks, etc., I had cars too as a kid. I remember lining them up in my parents kitchen and used the linoleum tiles as parking guides. I had fond memories of them and my antique transformers that my son and nephew now enjoy playing with. I am glad my Mom didn't say "those are just for boys".

I think toys for the most part should be for all genders. Show some of our boys some domestication with kitchen sets, dolls, etc., In today's world Dads are expected to change poopy diapers, cook meals and dress their kids. Girls should also get fun things like cars, manly ride on toys like Harleys or tool benches because who knows if they'll grow up to design something fantastic or be able to repair things around the house without asking a man to do it.

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