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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Surgery

Since I talked and talked and talked some more on the surgery my son was getting on Tuesday, I figured I should update the blog about it.

My husband and I along with my son got to the Reston Medical Center at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning. We were the first ones least in the parking lot. After a little bit of waiting we were taken back to the pre-op area to sign some papers and talk with the medical staff that would be with my son while he underwent his surgery. My little guy sat down so nicely on the stretcher (thankfully still a bit sleepy) and watched cartoons while the doctors/nurses went over the procedure and answered any questions my husband and I had. I was VERY glad to discover the Chief of Anesthesiology would be in charge of the anesthesia my son would get that day as it is something I was pretty nervous about aside from his surgery, but felt better knowing he was in such capable hands.

Before long the nurses came by (one was like a Grandma) and they wheeled him away after a two second kiss from me and told my little man he was on a choo choo train. He did not look back and was fine with it. I was thankful for that. I held a brave face up until then...and then decided I needed to go to the restroom once I entered a now crowded waiting area. I sort of had a panic attack in the bathroom and cried a bit. As said before in my prior post, I knew logically this would be the best thing for my son, but emotionally I felt horrible I couldn't protect him and wish it was me that could take his place. I went back to my husband after I calmed down a bit teary eyed and emotionally distraught. He talked to me in his usual calm and loving way while doing his best to take my mind off what was happening just a few rooms away from us.

After an hour or so we were called back and my husband and I rushed like we've never moved before with the nurse. She told us what room he was in (thankfully a ped post op room) and we left her behind as we scurried to the room. We could both hear our son crying. A nurse was in the room with him and he was coming out of anesthesia. He was tossing around because of the anesthesia and honestly it was one of the worst things I have ever witnessed as it is so heart wrenching seeing your baby go through that. I wasn't prepared for that at all. Like any mother would do, I picked up my baby and cradled him trying to hold back tears. The nurse talked to me while the doctor talked to my husband. My son's eyes weren't open as he was still coming out of anesthesia and the nurse told me to cradle his head like a baby because he couldn't support it well. The doctor told my husband that the surgery was successful (for tubes and adenoids)and that my son had a double ear infection. I was surprised because two week ago we were at the pediatrician for his 2 1/2 year check up and last Friday we were at the Pre-Op appointment where my son was seen. He had no sign of ear infections. My son continued to cry as I would sing his favorite soft melody and continuously told him that his Mama and Dada were here. He pulled on his IV and the monitor on his foot so we had to keep making sure that he kept away from that all the while still crying his little heart out. He cried so much (even with the door closed) that the Chief of Anesthesiology came to our room wondering if he was okay because she could hear our son all the way in Pre-Op. I felt badly for my son and badly for the other patients trying to recover whatever surgery they just had. I couldn't do more than I was doing, but still felt guilty. After a little sip of apple juice and some more monitoring we were released from the medical son still crying the entire twenty commute home.

We reached the house and my husband ran out to get some Tylenol as we were instructed the Motrin we had should not be given to my son. My son cried and cried...then threw up on me and my bed (his favorite spot to mellow down) so while I was taking him to the bathroom to clean him up and me up...he threw up again. He was upset from throwing up and seemingly in a little pain. I cleaned him up and took him downstairs as my husband arrived back home during that time. He was pretty quick to get in and out of that store now that I recall back to that day...Papa Bear was moving quick! We tried settling him down on the couch where he calmed down a bit but threw up two more times on me and our blanket. We settled him in for some breakfast, which he ate (THANKFULLY) and it seemed to calm his little stomach down. I was so grateful for that, because not that anyone likes to be puked on, but I have a horrible gag reflex and I hit my puke limit that day. Obviously if my son had to throw up more, as a Mom I would just deal, but still...VERY thankful he did not throw up.

We spent the day being mellow. He took a few naps and got completely spoiled. Although he was sleepy at times his little two year old self shined through. He got LOTS of popsicles and yummy things to eat and beamed every time we told him he could have another. Honestly, that kid could of done anything that day and gotten away with it because my husband and I just wanted to see him happy.

So that is my little post op story of my son. Traumatic on all of us? Yes. Was it worth while? Yes. We will soon see the results as my son will hear better thus learn to speak better. The drippy nose/snoring should cease and hopefully we won't be dealing with ear infections any time soon. Thank you all for those that prayed. Prayers and faith really are the truly comforting during times like these.

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