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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Creative Drought

Over the weekend my husband did a fantastic thing while I was out with my son on a play date...he reorganized our entire living room and basement. I came home (after some scrutiny about the design my husband talked about) to a messy but more efficient living space. I was relieved, happy and felt like I dropped the ball in some ways.

See I finished my B.A in Interior Design a few years ago. After dealing with horrible women, discovering crappy hours/pay I decided to drop the design route and continue on with something more 9-5 in working in the world of IT. Its okay...but not very creative. When I got married I purchased (after looking at furniture specs) great furniture that would last. If you don't like leather...microfiber is the way to go as its the most durable fabric aside from leather. We moved into a tiny but cute apartment and since we decided to stay there only for a year and were leasing we didn't paint or upgrade anything. Fast forward to when I was six months pregnant...we moved into a foreclosure that my husband and I proudly purchased (how I wish now we would of waited to buy). I handled a lot of the packing/cleaning while my husband carried boxes, furniture, etc., We picked out and coordinated a beautiful paint scheme for my son's nursery and honestly I was quite thankful I did NOT have to paint since I was pretty pregnant. That's the last thing I really did with my house...and I didn't even do it. Between a month of bed rest, learning how to be a Mom of a newborn that quickly grew up to the toddler stage, working full time and trying to catch all the other household duties from falling by the wayside...I just haven't had time nor financial resources to do anything. Sure doing small things don't cost money, but seriously I am in a creative drought.

I will sit there and look at my house, Mom's house or even friends house and imagine a design scheme in my head. I think about the design of different living spaces in what colors I would use, furniture options, etc., When I walk into creative commercial design spaces (i.e, Bean Tree and Loudoun Birthing Inn), I silently compliment fantastic design and when I walk into crappy designed spaces...I think of how I would do better. It all plays out in my head, but just not acted upon. I have a four year degree and know what to look for in finding GREAT furniture (joints really will tell you quality), different specs on spaces (i.e, how big walk ways should be, recessed lights on the ceiling, etc.,), color theory (did you know studies have shown that if you paint a babies room yellow babies cry more then if its painted blue or pink), etc., I know my stuff...but just don't use it.

So I have to think of some creative outlet. Maybe I'll bust out my draft table from my parents house and render a perspective of a beautiful illustrated room that I wish I could afford or wish I had am moment to design....I just need to find the time.

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Katie said...

Whenever I move (and have more $$) you are more than welcome to help me design/decorate/pick out paint colors, etc. I have absolutely ZERO design eye so I could use the help.