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Friday, May 8, 2009

80 Clicks

A friend of mine told me about a Mommy blog, Her Bad Mother and how she was doing a fun project of 80 clicks around the world to see how many Mommys from different countries could write about the five things they love about being a Mom. I decided to jump on the band wagon and joined in! The project is calledThe World According to Mom.

Here are my favorite five things about being a Mom:

1. Seeing Things with a different perspective.
I love seeing things through the eyes of my child. Teaching him about animals, holidays, my faith, my husband culture, etc., just gives you another perspective about the world. I never knew how some things that seem mundane to adults could be so exciting to little ones and it really makes me as a Mom appreciate the little things in life.

2. Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses
My little guy, although all boy, loves to give hugs and kisses. I love seeing my husbands face light up every time our little guy gives him a wet kiss on the lips or cheek. My little man also loves to cuddle and will purposefully sit in either my husband or my favorite couch spot and motion for us to sit next to him. He is a cuddle bug!

3. My relationship with God
I never knew that a child could bring you closer to your faith and love for God, but my son did just that. Before I was pregnant, I will admit that I hardly prayed (really prayed) or went to church. Now the outlook on my faith and teaching my son the love of God and our faith is just so much more important for the both of us. I am thankful every day to have a healthy, beautiful family. My son is my own little miracle that God blessed me with.

4. Normalcy
If I could be a little selfish here, I really appreciate that my son forces normalcy in my life. No matter how bad of a day I had or what happens, the show must go on. I have had some pretty stressful and emotional things happen in my life since my son has been born and sometimes taking the focus to something more important (my son) has really been saving grace sometimes. He is my world and everything else is secondary.

5. Growing Up
I honestly want to cry when I wrote the fifth reason on why I love being a Mom. I love that my son is growing up, but he is growing up too fast! I love seeing the different things my son has learned and picked up. I love seeing his little personality emerge. I love seeing how much he looks like my husband and even has the same facial expressions. I love the fact that he is stubborn (like both his parents) but really loves to love. He loves animals, loves new adventures, and loves people.

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