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Friday, May 22, 2009

In Memory

Today marks a solemn day for my husband and I, as today was to be the 26th birthday of our friend. Sadly, he passed away over a year ago. I think our biggest regret with him, is that we never reconnected after a falling out between us.

My old friend (now gone from this world) and I used talked hours and hours on the phone and met up with each other on weekends when we were in high school. I believe I have the longest lasting phone conversation with him to date, which was six hours. I can't believe I talked to anyone six hours on the phone with anyone, but I did with him. It was the type of relationship we had and he unlike most boys his age, my dear friend was very chatty. Later on I dated his twin, which sort of put our friendship into another direction (his decision, not mine). Then I met my now husband while still dating this twin and we started seeing each other on the side. Wrong as it may be, it was fate. Obviously this put a damper on the relationship my husband and I had with the twins.

Thankfully about a year before my friend died, I became friends/acquaintance with my old boyfriend. We obviously were not the best of friends but we were able to ask how each other was doing and just know little tid bits on each others lives. I appreciated that. It was then in February, when I got the dreaded call from a high school friend of mine informing me that my old friend had died. I honestly could not believe it and thought it was a sick joke. I wish it had been, as I knew losing him in this world would be beyond devastating to his family and all the people that cared about him, especially his twin brother. He was too too young to die. My husband and I still had yet to rekindle our friendship with him...

I later went to his wake, which was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. One of my good girlfriends went with me for support, which just shows how wonderful she really is (thank you for that). I was able to say goodbye to my dear friend and give the family my deepest condolences. The next day, my husband, Mom and I attended the funeral. That was hard...really hard. My husband broke down in tears and had to take a moment before the funeral began. I held them back doing my best to be strong. During one part of the funeral people were asked to stand up and tell a story, experience or anything they would like about my old friend. I just couldn't. My husband stood up (much to the surprise of a few partipants) and talked about how at one time my old friend got a flat while riding his motorcycle and had to hitch a ride with my husband on his motorcycle. Both boys were quite big, so it looked pretty ridiculous for two guys to be riding down the road on such a small motorcycle. I remember the grieving twin looking up towards my husband and smiled an appreciative smile. He was grateful for that story.

So I am thinking of you today my dear friend. I remember all the fantastic memories I shared with you. I remember the first time meeting you and sadly I remember the last time I saw you. I remember when four girls including myself skinny dipped and you were the only boy wearing my extra small boxers. I remember how you loved your cars and I believe had at least five before your 19th birthday one of which was your dream car, an RX7. I remember your laugh and the funny jokes you used to tell. I remember how your Dad, brother and you reeved your engines so loud outside of the old folks home (we were visiting Granny) that you probably scared the "blue hairs" to death. I remember all these wonderful things about you and like anything I wish that we now could rekindle that old friendship and form new memories. You are very much missed in this world my dear friend. I am thinking about you today.

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