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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Would You (Could You), If You Had To

Just hypothetical questions, but I wanted to play a little game today. I may do this once in a great while once I come up with new questions. The game is, What would you do, if you had to.

  1. If you had to move to a different country (lets just say things went to hell in the U.S.), then where would you move to and why?
  2. Would you steal to feed your children?
  3. Could you turn off all electronics (TV, Phone, Computer) for one week, could you do it?
  4. Would you be able to support yourself if your spouse was not around?
  5. Would you ever be able to be friends with someone that had a plural marriage?
  6. Would you easily be able to live in the time you parents or grandparents grew up in? Remember, lack of television, living through war (World War II, Vietnam), lack of fast food restaurants, no A/C and women more or less wore just skirts/dresses?
To answer my own questions:
  1. If I had to move to a different country it would be between living in Canada (I can't believe I just said that) just because its close and they do speak English depending on the city you go to or move to Russia. Russia is an option only because my husband is from there and I find the culture, language, etc., intriguing. I think if I didn't have family around that I would want to try living in Europe for a few years.
  2. If there were no options and it was between my children starving or me stealing to get something, then I would steal. There is no question about that. My child ranks above everything and I would do anything for him even if its against my morals.
  3. I think I could turn off all electronics. For the most part, I do that when I am away from vacation. I don't really talk to anyone on the phone or go on my computer. Television would be harder though only because for me I feel comforted hearing it in the background even if I am not watching it. I must have noise in my house.
  4. At the current state that I am living, I could not support my family if my husband for whatever reason was not around. I would have to either move back with my parents or find a very small place to live.
  5. I think I could be friends with just about anyone minus the pedophiles, rapist and those that fit in that category. I don't really care if you are gay, living in a plural marriage, etc., Hate the sin but love the sinner people. Its for God to judge on judgment day.
  6. Living in my parents day or grandparents day would be hard for me, especially because I am a woman. The rights and equality that women take today for granted were just not there when my Mom and Grandparents were young. I could deal without the television as there would be a radio. I also couldn't imagine what the world was like during war time in either extreme (World War II or Vietnam). I know we have men/women dying in Afghanistan and Iraq, but these are totally different wars. As for A/C, I remember when my elementary schools and Grandparents home did not have A/C. It was crappy but we all dealt. I think if we aren't accustomed to things then people just deal. Yeah it was hot, but we did things like turn off the lights, plug in fans, etc., As for wearing skirts/dresses, this would be probably the hardest on me because I HATE wearing skirts or dresses. In my Mom's day you could not wear pants to school. That was just something you did not do. Wearing skirts/dresses everyday would mean I would actually have to shave my legs everyday and sit "lady like". That for me would be exhausting.

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