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Monday, May 18, 2009

Zoo Plans

I really love the D.C. Zoo. I think it is a beautiful Zoo as it has so many trees and interesting habitats for all the animals. What I don't love about it, is the damn hills. Please note the picture I chose for this post is obviously not of the D.C. Zoo...haha.

This weekend, my sisters family, my parents and my family made it out to the zoo for our annual zoo trip. My sister got there on time, but for once my family (and my parents since they rode with us) were running late due to traffic. Initially we planned on parking in the same lot as we thought that would be best for everyone. However, we were an hour late and while my sister parked in Lot A, we could only find parking in Lot D. My sister told us to meet her around the Elephant House. Let me tell you, I was cursing silently the hill, my sister and everyone that got into my way up the eternal hill climb. Obviously we needed to find a neutral place and since we all weren't overly familiar with the zoo, the Elephant House (for us) was the easier place for us to find, so really it wasn't my sister's fault at all.

We had a wonderful fun filled day with the little guys and the rest of my family. The weather was perfect, the two toddler boys were on their best behavior and spending time with the family really was wonderful. Since we had met my sister earlier in the day at the elephant house, which is near the beginning of the zoo, we spent the better part of the day traveling down that stupid hill.

Once it was time to leave because it was getting on time for nap time, I found that our lateness actually paid least for my sister and her family. My husband offered since we were very close to one side of the zoo to drive my brother in law to his car so they didn't have to truck up that stupid hill after a full day of walking while the rest of the family looked quickly at the petting zoo area. After looking at some very noisy cows (I never heard cows that mooed so loud in my life), the rest of my family minus the two husbands, got bags together, strollers folded so we could be ready when the men would arrive. The two cars arrived shortly after and pulled into the bus drop off zone. We quickly threw everything into the cars, babies got buckled and we speed off before the zoo patrol could say anything.

So my rule of thumb is, if you are meeting people at the zoo then park in different parking lots (Lot A and Lot D if you are at the D.C. Zoo). This way where ever you are at the end of the day, you could either drive or whomever you met up with can drive you or your spouse to your car while you wait with the kids. It really is a life saver.

Sis, next year it is your turn to tromp up that forsaken hill. : )

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