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Monday, May 4, 2009

Family Drive-In

Perhaps many of you are unaware of a true gem that is in such close driving distance. This gem is the Family Drive-In in Stephens City, Virginia. The Family Drive-In plays almost up to date movies (movies that are still in the theater) and plays a double feature for a fraction of the cost of a regular movie ticket. The prices have increased to maybe $8.00 a person (don't hold me to it as it could be cheaper), but for a double feature it is fantastic! You can bring your own food (we bring a cooler), but if you forget drinks or whatever, they do have a concession stand. It is also an ideal place to take your kids because if they fall asleep then no problem (even better actually because that gives you time alone with your spouse).

What we love to do when we go to the drive-in is pack the van with a big old comforter to lay on the floor after we fold the seats down. Pillows are also brought for everyone and perhaps blankets too (if the night is chilly). If your kids are older and would like to sit out of the car or if you would like to sit outside of the car, then you can just take some folding chairs and put that in front of your car. We also love bringing a cooler full of drinks and typically will stop at a Subway to grab a nice late dinner. Just be sure to get there early enough because with hit movies or beautiful nights, the drive-in could fill up. They do have a lot of room for cars and two movie screens playing different movies, but I am sure they have been sold out before. Movies always start playing as soon as it is dark enough, so there is no real set time.

The Family Drive-In opens up next week on May 15th and will run into the fall (until it gets too cold out). Check out the website frequently to see what is playing. I also included this link on the side bar under Oh the Places to Go! It is a family experience I highly recommend doing. Plus how many times have you gone to a drive-in? In my opinion, it is much better then any movie theater!

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