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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Tid Bit

Probably nothing new to veteran Moms, but yesterday I figured out an easy way to quickly prepare a single inexpensive kids dinner and also serve something healthy by using most of the major food groups. After today, I will never buy one of those Gerber Toddler microwave dinners (even though they are pretty good) that run $2.99 or so a meal.

Yesterday I tried to feed my son some Progresso chicken noodle soup. I really love Progresso soups because unlike Campbell's soups, they aren't skimpy on their noodles, chicken or veggies. I believe I bought a few cans on sale for perhaps a dollar a piece. It has huge chunks of chicken, cut up carrots and egg noodles. Another plus was the soup was low on sodium. However, my son did not want to eat the broth, he simply wanted the soup contents. I thought fair enough, so I took a strainer, drained the broth out and gave him a plate of warm chicken, noodles and carrots for dinner. He really loved it and he gobbled up half the can. Plus it was a whole lot easier and less messy with me not needing to feed him or broth going everywhere. Tonight my husband and I again wanted a non friendly baby meal. So guess what? He ate the other half of the can! Two dinners! I love it when I figure out things that just make it so much easier on my life and that my kid also enjoys.

Do you have any great little tid bits to share?

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