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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

I will admit that I have been a long time viewer of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8. I started watching first out of curiosity (before I had kids)on how anybody could handle six children plus an older set of twins at the same time. Although their stress level was a little high (who wouldn't be with six screaming 18 month old children around), I actually commended Kate for being able to seemingly stay on top of things with her tad bit of OCD in organizing. I didn't like her bashing her husband or treating him like a child, but I figured it was part of the stress with eight kids. What once was suppose to be a documentary about the children turned into a annual series about the children. To me, it wasn't about how this woman could handle her kids. I sort of got that the first time I saw the first couple of shows. She would lead, and her husband would follow along with the other stream of volunteers that would enter her house. I watched to see what would happen next and to see how the children have grown. It is amazing watching a little person grow up and see their little personalities evolve.

Then a about a year ago, I stumbled on the Gosselins Without Pity blog. I was intrigued. The website seemingly had some inside information on the family. It talked about the new house even before they got it and other little tid bits that later came out in the shows. What I didn't like about it was all the bashing. Sure Kate is very high strung. She needs to think of Jon as her equal and not her employee. I honestly think that Kate is doing what she THINKS is best for her family. Would I love free vacations? Sure! Would I love to have seemingly easy money come to me so I can have a place that fits my family? Sure! Would I have a television show on my life? No. I couldn't imagine people filming me during the good, bad and very ugly days. It would be way too demanding on me. I would feel like my house would need to be immaculate everyday. I would want to make sure I was dressed nicely everyday with hair and make up done. I would feel like I needed to put on a fake facade if I was having a bad day for any number of reasons just so no one else would know I was having a bad day. Then most importantly to top it all off, I couldn't imagine my son filmed during his temper tantrums, his potty training, his blow outs, etc., Its nice seeing films of you growing up, but for me, it would be WAY embarrassing if the whole world saw me (even as a little kid) pooping in the potty. So I agree with GWOP's comments for the most part, but only the constructive ones. I hate the insults. Its not necessary in my world.

Then through GWOP, I found Aunt Jodi's sister blog Truth Breeds Hatred. It gave a little bit too much information sometimes. I kind of feel like if it was my sister in law's sister that she shouldn't of published some of the things she published. There should be some secrecy in the family even though the majority is filmed for the world to see right? In her own defense she was just probably wanting to protect her sister and the kids.

Now we hear and see tabloids, news stories, blogs etc., talking about the alleged affairs Jon and Kate had. Are they true? Honestly it is none of our business. It just isn't. After watching their first new season show this past week, I found the entire show to be rather sad. You could see the tension between Jon and Kate. You could hear the kids question on wanting their Daddy home. I hope, as I hope for most couples struggling in their marriage that those two will work it out. That they will seek marriage counseling. That divorce to them is the last option if it even is an option. If one person or both people were wrong, then they should admit that to each other and then begin the grieving/forgiving process. With that they should probably call it quits on the show. Its not just for the children anymore, but for their entire family to work on staying intact. I just don't think they can do that with scheduled shows and cameras around. Jon and Kate need to take the time from the scheduled television shows, appearances, etc., to work on each other. I just hope and pray that they do.

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