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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Toys Parents Wish They Had (for their kids)

After much thought from my last post and maybe its because I am in a lazy mood. With this gloomy weather we are having and will be having for seemingly forever, being lazy and feeling sleepy is my middle name. Here are some Mommy things or toys I wish that toy manufacturers would do or sell. If they do then enlighten me.

The Little Toy Picker Kid Vacuum
I wish they made up a walker toy that was obviously safe but would pick up little tiny toys that you always hurt your feet on. I know that Tonka made a riding toy that picks up Tonka shapes, but I wonder if they pick up more then that?

The Real Everlasting Toys
I have a love/hate relationship with my son's toys that require batteries. We have a million of those types of toys in my house. I just wish that all toys came with one size battery and that these batteries lasted long enough to go into your kids adulthood.

Toys That Turn Off
There should be a law that all toys that make noise have an off switch. I am not kidding when I say I HATE the toys that do not have an off switch. That toy disappeared somewhere in Jersey...

Less Packaged Toys
I understand that toy company's want their product to look good and not easily be stolen, but seriously the plastic ties that cover just about every inch of the product underneath the wrapping is a bit much. I had half a mind to return a toy the other day to return a toy when I found that a toy was knotted just not twisted with these stupid wire ties. Are you kidding me?

More Transitional Toys
I understand money needs to be made, but if there could be more transitional toys from infancy to toddler that would be fantastic. I really enjoyed Baby Einstein Lights & Melodies Discovery Center. That was one of the few toys that was a true transition toy.

Toys Without Over Inflating the Cost
Even in these hard economic times, I have find that toys prices go up and down like a yo-yo ball. I really noticed this when it was near Christmas time and I wanted to purchase a present for my son that I purchased a few months back for my nephew. The price of the same exact toy cost $20 more. I also noticed that the Micky Plane Ride-On Toy cost about $50 at Target. I had to do a double check because I knew that there was no way I paid that much for a ride on toy. I paid maximum around $30. Funny enough, the Target website says it sells for $34.99. I feel sorry for whomever is paying more then they should.

Books With Lasting Binding
So this could just be my kid, but it seems like all the books in my house, especially those favorites are starting to break in the binding portion of the book. My kid loves to read (please no more Brown Bear Brown Bear), but it is a toddler board book, not a James Patterson book. It should last, but like I said, this could be because my sons books are really well used.

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