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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


No I am not talking about the Broadway musical Hair (though I love that play), but I had a question for everyone. As you get older, do you find that you just have a crap load of hair that just grows at a insanely rapid speed in places you don't want it to grow?

I am one of those women that practically have to shave everyday to not have stubble. I really am jealous of those women that can go a week without shaving and their legs are perfectly smooth. If I did that (and I have done that), my legs resemble my husbands legs, which I am sure is very attractive to my husband who sees them just about every night. Now its facial hair. Yes I said it. I seriously wish that besides my hair on top of my head and eyebrows that I could just go through a scanner that could painlessly rid of the rest of my body hair forever. I have hair growing in the WEIRDEST places and it is not fun nor cool.

I find this to be an increasing problem as I am getting older. By 60 maybe I'll look like one of those weird werewolf kids you see on The National Geographic Channel. I am just sick, sick, sick or the hair!

Is anyone else having the same issues?

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